Raw Dog Press began in 1972. We started by publishing post card poetry which we titled “Post Poems” and we also published chapbooks. Over the years, we evolved into what we are today. R. Gerry Fabian is the founder and editor. With great help from Richard Bitzer and Jennifer Fabian, we have managed to stay afloat by selling enough of these “Post Poems” to fund our next issue. Currently our web page – https://rawdogpress.wordpress.com features the latest poetry that we publish. We are non profit in that all the money we receive goes right back into the operation. We have changed web page addresses a number of times as all the ‘FreeSites’ eventually expect us to pay. So we move on. As of January, 2021 we will no longer publish post poems, instead will will just publish poetry on the web page.
The name Raw Dog came from taking the two words god war and reversing them. It is our belief that most of the pain in the world has resulted in religious intolerance to the point that people are willing to kill for their religious beliefs. By reversing the title, we hope to promote a more peaceful outlook with our published poems. This is not always the case as we are realists at heart.

R. Gerry Fabian has published three novels. Getting Lucky  (The Story)  is now available in paperback as well as ebook format at Amazon.  Memphis Masquerade, a second novel, takes place in Memphis, Tennesse and reunites the main characters from the first novel. Seventh Sense, the third novel brings the characters in the first two novels together again for a rollicking adventure set in Nashville, Tennessee.  To find out more about the novels, go to https://rgerryfabian.wordpress.com and click on Novels. 

His three books of published poems, ParallelsComing Out Of The Atlantic,Electronic Forecasts  and Ball On The Mound are available in ebook and paperback format.  Go to Amazon or any books seller to purchase a copy.

GLfinal cover.jpgMM Cover 4:16 Seventh Sense Cover.jpg  Parallelsglazecover       Coming Out OF The Atlantic good cover.jpg     Final Cover EL Forecast.jpg

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