Raw Dog Press is no longer publishing poetry post cards.

Starting January 2021, we will be publishing poetry as it meets our requirements.

Please read carefully and follow the guidelines or you poetry will be returned with the note – Follow The Guidelines

Response time 1 – 3 months.

We will now accept any style poem with a 40  line limit.  Please send 3- 5 poems in either a word doc or pasted in the body of the email.  In your cover letter state the form of the poems such as free verse, sonnets or any other form.  Titles are a must. Accepted poems will be published on the website.  Please also include a 50 – 100 word bio which will be subject to editing.  All poetry must be your work and never have been published before. Whether your poetry is accepted or rejected, please wait six months before submitting again. We ask that if the poem(s) we originally published is/are published again that you credit us as the original publisher. All rights revert back to the author after the initial publication. We don’t charge reading fees and are a non-paying market. Your work will be promoted on the web page.

We accept poetry by email only.  Send submissions to:

This rule is suspended for incarcerated poets who may send via :

Raw Dog Press
151 S. West Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

We accept contributions.  Please make all checks out to R. Gerry Fabian and mail to the above address.

2022 Published Poets

Holly Day, Mark Jackley, R. Gerry Fabian, Peter Mladinic, Phil Huffy,  

James Croal Jackson, Yash Seyedbagheri



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